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Directions: Start at DDC Stadium - same as start to WangBangSan race course or you can park at the DDC Hospital (not good choice)

Description: ChilBongSan is the Advanced section of the WangBangSan race course. It's primarily single track, steep climbs and descends, slightly technical - NOT for beginners... From Stadium take road south to intersection of HWY 364 then left, follow road for 1/2 mile until you see small MTB sign with two arrows - large arrow points straight for main course; little arrow points right for ChilBongSan. Follow road toward DDC Hospital - another steep little road climb. You will come upon a small parking area with green pylons - go
through the pylons and up the hill - the beginning is concrete, then lose 4x4 trail and transitions into single track. The climb to the trail head is monstrous... this trail follows a mountain ridge line and eventually links
back up to the WangbangSan race course. Awesome fun and a great
challenge! You can also right this trail in reverse.
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