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Snake Ridge Rolling

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From here, you can head out in any direction and explore the logging roads and the occasional singletrack thru clear cuts. Try to get on the north ridge by keeping right and heading uphill. Once you are on the ridge crest road, you can loop back to the dam, via a small shrine, to rural route 45. Nice trip backwards once you figure out where the ridge road connects to 45. Also, many roads and ocassional singletrack (need a keen eye) are accessible from this ridge
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Trail Directions
From downtown Towada City at the jct of national route 4 and 45 follow rural route 45 in the opposite direction from Misawa City. It turns several times thru the city and then goes out into the rice fields where you cross the Oriase River. Keep on rural route 45 thru the small village and farming hamlets. Eventually the paved/sealed portion of the route ends.You can park here and set or follow the gravel road next to the rice fields and head into the trees and over the hill. On the otherside,don't go down to the stream but turn right on a gravel road that will lead you to a dam. Park at the dam.
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Towada City, Aomori-ken

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