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Head down the paved road across from the parking lot. It'll go through a little town, then turn to a dirt road. There are many dirt roads, jeep trails, and some singletrack all through this area. We have a regular route we ride, but you can do anything you want. Be careful so you don't get lost, it's easy to do.
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Trail Directions
As you enter Towada on Rt 10 (from Misawa), take the road that forks to the right. Go 2 or 3 lights (there's a car lot with old and junk cars) and turn right. Go straight about a mile until the road turns left. Continue straight about another 2 miles, cross the highway and turn right at the next stop sign about a mile later. Go a little ways and the road turns left again. You'll come to a four-way intersection in a little town, veer left, then right and drive up the hill. About 3 miles from this intersection you'll see 2 paved roads on the right, and a dirt parking lot on the left. Park here.
Trail Length
20-25 miles usually, but any distance is possible
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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