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Ome maze

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Lots and lots of trails branching off of other trails. Easy to get lost or turned around. Alot of the trails are rooty and many have lots of river rocks. This place is usually pretty wet too so some of the trails can get really sloppy so be prepared to get dirty. There are some great climbs, fire roads that turn into single track, single track that turns into fire roads, insane downhills, and some really good technical riding all together. This place will give you a work out and it probably would be best to have a little experience under your belt to ride and maybe someone who knows their way around a little go with you. I have ridden there several times and still seem to get myself on unfamiliar ground.
The best way to get here is to take Route 16 North from Yokota AB until you cross 5(Shin Ome Kaido) and the second light after you pass 5 you will see 44 take a left. Follow 44 to where the freeway goes overhead, continue to follow 44 which makes a left and then an imediate right again coming out from under the freeway. Go until you see a Family mart at the bottom of a hill near a traffic light(this light is in a slight left hand curve that goes back up an incline away from the Family Mart) and take that right turn at the traffic light. Go until you see a pink house(a REALLY bright pink house!) and find the next road to the left after that. You will follow this road past a temple or something on the left and into the woods on a half paved, half dirt surface until you come to an open field, which is where we park. The trails start there in every direction but, the ones I am more familiar with are to the North. This place is a blast but there are alot of trails left to explore!
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July 29, 2007

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 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: yamaguy01 ,  Cross Country Rider

Like I posted in the description, this trail has alot of variety but once you leave the fire roads it should probably be ridden by someone with a little experience on a bike unless you feel like walking your bike alot.

Recommended Route:
Route 16 North from Yokota AB to 44, follow 44 past 63 then take a right at the light next to the Family Mart after 63. Go down a km or so and take a left, follow the road into the woods. The trails start here and also there are other ways into this trail. It branches out everywhere but that is the best place to park since it is a long ride from Yokota to get there.

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Fenceline, Mt. Hinode, & Reservoir.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)