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MT Rokko

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There are several trails to choose from here and range from all levels. From the restaraunt, if you cross the road and head to the right, you'll have a quick single track that's a good 20min ride down in to Arima. Lot's of steps and 1 4' drop off. other than the drop off, shouldn't have to get off the bike. If you head the other direction towards Ashiya, you'll have your choice of intermediate rides. (just keep staying left) to the almost completly unridable, (keep to the right and you'll walk at least half of this.) this is a great area to ride with many trails. The best part is when you get to the bottom, you can take a gondola back up. If you take the route to Arima, when you get down to the paved road, head left and the gondola, will be approx. 1k away.
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Trail Directions
There are a couple of ways to get there. If you have a car, take the road from ashiya headed towards Arima/Mt rokko. After the first toll and just prior to the second tunnel, you'll branch off the main road and head left up the mtn. (another toll here) after a couple of kilometers, look for a restaraunt on your left. There's parking here and many trails to choose from. If you pass under the gondola, you've gone to far. If you don't have a car, head to Sanomiya and hope on the Cable car towards Arima. (they take bikes so it's no problem) Take the cable car up to the top of Mt. Rokko. walk down to the main road and head right. Look for the restaraunt on your right.
Trail Length
depending on your level 15 - 30min
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Ashiya - MT Rokko
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Review Date
July 4, 2000

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Dean , from kobe,JAPAN

Continue west on Rokko driveway past Rokko hotel and come to intersection. Go past the intersection and stay on the left dirt trail with great view of Kobe below. Turn left at the fork. Follow the trail on a slight descent for about half a mile. At the sharp curve climb the steps down on your right. You will get to a paved road. Take a right and follow the road to the Rokko diary farm intersection and turn left. Decend on the road for about 3 km. and take a right onto a dirt parking lot. Follow the trail up the hill to an observatory. Take the single track trail on the right. Carry the bike down a flight of stairs then follow the single track and take rights down the single tracks.You will finally pass through thick underbrush but dont let this deter you. You will come out onto a small field with portable ^&*lets scattered about. Turn left and follow the semi paved trail up the hill until a T. Turn right on the driveway and go for about half a km. Turn left at the restaurant. Go straight on Futatabi driveway past the Futatabi Arberatum and take the next singletrack on your left. From here there will be many network of trails that take you towards Sannomiya. With a little exploring in this area you can find some short but fun singletracks.

Recommended Route:
Rokko mt.to Sannomiya via Futatabi mt.Recommend these trails for intermediate to advanced level riders.
Total distance from 30 to 50 km.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
There are a variety of challenging single track trails on Futatabi mountain west of Rokko mtn range. The vicinity of Futatabi park offers some short but fun and challenging runs. This is some of the better rideable trails in Kansai.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)