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MT Rokko 2

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Cross the road and head straight to Arima. If you want to practice your skills this is the trail to do it as it has everything. Stairs, dropoffs, single track, streams, fireroads, you name it. The top third of the trail is pretty difficult and will require slow going and some walking. Once past this section, things smooth out to some quick single track and quite a few obsticles. Near the bottom, you'll hit a fire road that races straight to the gondola station. Note: you should hit all these trails early as there are quite a few hikers on the weekends. We're usually there by 8:00a.m.
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Trail Directions
The same as my previous post (MT Rokko) with the following additions. If driving, continue past the restaraunt to a parking lot, just prior to the Gondolas overhead. (if you reach the gondolas, turn around and head back, you can't miss it) If you take the cable car from Sanomiya up, get off at MT Rokko, get on the road and head left, after crossing under the gondolas, keep an eye out for the parking lot on the left. (Note, this is a small dirt lot that will hold 3 cars but is well marked)
Trail Length
20 - 45 min ride
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Ashiya - MT Rokko

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February 20, 2005

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Reviewed by: pistolpedro ,  Weekend Warrior

The trail mentioned here is hard to find because the gondola from Arima has stopped running. Maybe it will restart in the summer, who knows.

This trail is primarily for WALKERS! It is not intended to be ridden down. It is mostly stone steps.

That said, the middle/bottom part is kinda fun, and the scenery is great, but eeuuuuugggghhhhhh, SO MANY STEPS!!
I imagine there may be trails here that are intended for riding, maybe I'll head back sometime to look, but as the gondola has stopped...
This means once in arima, its a long train ride out.

Recommended Route:
I got there by taking the cable car from the Sannomiya side. It is clear to me the author never did this, the directions are ludicrous. Take the train to Rokkomichi or Rokko station, and then ride towards the cable car, its about a 20-30 min ride. (get a tourist map, it's kinda easy to find, and head generally for the Rokko tunnel. You'll need some kind of bag for your bike to take it on the cable car. At the top, head to the main road and turn RIGHT. Ride for 20-30 min on the main road (i think you veer right at a junction after about 20min), until eventually you pass under the small ski gondola, and the main gondola that goes to arima. this has recently stopped running, so you can't take it back up, you'll have to take the train back from arima onsen.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
The trail at Nakayama is far better. It's much more convenient if you live on the Kobe/Osaka side.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)