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A mixture of Hiking trails, singletrack and some small downhills and technical climbs that get very slick in the rain. Most of the trail is covered by trees so it's cool in the summer. There are multiple crossing paths including a few different downhill paths all terminating at a wooden bridge in a fern forest. On the weekends you will see hikers on many of the trails. The normal loop through all areas is about 6 miles but can be lengthened or shortened as necessary. Once you pop out of the trees you can cross the road to the east for more trails, there are also more trails on the other side of those woods if you want to hike your bike across the flower beds.

Most of the trails can be ridden by beginners but some of the downhills and climbs are for intermediate level riders with a few advanced root and stair sections for those who want to ride them.

There are 2 places to park. The first is a parking lot right inside of Kamiseya gate. Ask the guards and they will open the gate directly behind their guard shack which leads out into rice fields. If you follow this road straight you will end up at a split in the trail in the woods. An alternate trailhead is located here, and many hikers like to park here as well. N 35.48320 E 139.49586
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September 4, 2010

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Reviewed by: Traillocator ,  Cross Country Rider

Today is the first time I have had the opportunity to experience Kamiseya as my family and I are currently located in Yokosuka, Japan. The trails were ridden by my wife, my six year old son and I.

The trails were amazing and extremely well groomed almost as though you are riding at a mountain bike park for beginner to intermediate levels. The loop my family and I created was about 11 kilometers between fireroads and 90% double track and single track trails; there are many many different routes available in order to mix things up.

This area is perfect for training your kids or just getting in an hour or two practice ride and is only a 35 minute drive from Yokosuka and a 15 minute ride from Atsugi...

This area is one of the nicest areas I have ridden in Japan and I will definitely return at least every couple of weeks for a ride.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)