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Hashikamidake Towers 'n Cows

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Two ways up. ONE: follow the single track straight up until you reach the top.TWO: from the parking lot follow the road until the T jct near the top. Turn right and go uphill until you see a green field with cows and towers on yourleft. At this point, turn right to keep going uphill. Just past this point about 30 meteres (also marked by an overgrown picnic shelter on the right) there is place you can access the single track straight down. Or continue further to the wooden helicopter pad and TV tower for an excellent view. Search around here to find the trail down. DOWNHILL NOTE: On the way down the singletrack, the trail will cut across the gravel road you came up on. To reaccess the trail, go about down the gravel road and look closely (it's not marked) for the trail on the rightside just beyond a utility pole.
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Trail Directions
From Hachinohe City in Aomori-ken, go south on national route 45 to Hashikami town. At rural route 42 go west and follow it thru' the countryside until the turn off for Hashikami Dake is indicated. Go south and go about 200 meteres to a small rice field and parking space.
Trail Length
singletrack 1.5km up; plus plenty of logging roads
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Hashikami town

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