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witty road

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ok follow the first section down then go right near the end of the fist section and over a 4 foot sandstone drop off and up a rocky steep climb. You can get up this hill but its hard cause of the head sized round rocks(pick your path well) once you get to the top of this hill you come to a road turn left go about 5 metres and there is another trail going down the hill you just came up ( in a slightly different direction) this is a cool decent rocky and lots of washout and roots and it can be scary if you go down it too hot, some switchbacks here also. go down till you get to a large gum tree in a clearing and look around for other trails leading into the bush for some cool sandy technical stuff with some drop offs and jumps, this track loops but you will have to explore and find it yourself, if you follow the downhill section you come to a driveway that you can go down to take you to haweksbury road, As this track is literally at the end of my street and on the way to the mt crosby trail i ride it all the time, not a long track but a good warm up for mt crosby and it is pretty technical if you are into that, i still manage to fall of nearly every time i ride it :) damn loose round rocks going up hills :) mail me if you want to go for a ride up here , id say skill level would be for advanced if you want t ride the track complete without stopping otherwise most skill levels could give it a go, not really a stamina track more of a short burst track :) have fun
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Trail Directions
follow mogill road till you get to witty road (past the moggil school) follow witty rd till you get to matfield street, on the opposite side of matfild street there is what apperas to be a private driveway but is in fact a public acess rd ride or drive ( prefferably ride) down this dirt road about 100 metres till you come to a brick house go past the house and you come to lots landfill dirt some of which makes for some cool jumping.. opposite the big talbetop jump on the otherside of the road coming in you will find a small track leading into the bush follow this track down through some fast rocky stuff and go for it
Trail Length
about a 2 km loop
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Review Date
August 7, 2003

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 2 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Adamate ,  Weekend Warrior

Was a great track (starting at what used to be the unofficial Moggill dump!). It was a short but interesting addition to a fitness ride around the local streets. Unfortunately it has now been wiped out by a large housing development and there's nothing left (as with many of the once green areas around Brisbane). There used to be a dog that chased you out at the end at high speed!

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Mt Crosby State Forest - has one of the longest, steepest uphill fire tracks in Brisbane - but has a couple of rarely used hidden single tracks (there's a review on this site).

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)