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Skylines Reserve

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just about some of teh only groomed singletrask in the state! there are a few steps around sweeping courners, nice fast downhill sections, bridges, kickers and a ford. most skill levels could ride it as slow or as fast as you like. there are a few leafy sections where there isn''t always the best visibility for walkers ahead so bear this in mind. the trak is acualy closed to riders but if your''e carefull it should be cool. it realy is too good to miss!!
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the trailhead is on the left as you go up Mount Nelson Road "the bends" (just past the primary school and before the tall green hedge) it is clearly marked with a council sign as "Bicentenary Reserve" there are a few track options as you head down but if you aim down hill you'll end up on churchill avenue
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3 Kilometers
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