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Sherbrooke Forest

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Follow path along National Parks Borders until you get to the George Tindale Gardens cross sherbrooke rd and descend through the car park to track which looks a little like a drive way. Steep descent down to the town of Kallista Follow Kallista-Emerald Rd until you get to Cooks Corner take Hall Track that runs out of the carpark at cooks corner then follow Paddys Road this rd (gravel) starts of pretty flat then goes into quite a long steep down hill section then flattens out on to the welch track which is a beautiful fern gully. Take right turn up Coles Ridge Rd which starts off steep but becomes a gradual climb to Grants Picnic Ground and back to the town of Kallista and sherbrooke rd retrace your ride up sherbrooke rd track to the car park.
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Take Burwood Hwy out of town & turn left up the Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd Park at the corner of Sherbrooke Rd and Mount Dandenong Tourist Rds. Near the Conifer Nursery.
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Fire Roads
Ferny Creek

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