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Ruffey Lake Park

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I wasn't aware this quite sedate suburban park was ever a part of the nationals. Anyhow I live around the corner and I use the park as training for getting into XC racing. Yes there is very little in the way of technical terrain however it makes up for this with a dense collection of gentle to steep inclines (walking trail, grass slopes and some singletrack). Doing laps of the park is great fitness training without having to resort to road riding.

There is some singletrack south of the middle bbq area that is a definite technical challenge so it's not all boring. There's also "Magic Mountain" - a mound south of the lake that has some BMX style jumps. I incorporate these into my laps to make it more interesting.

Evenings and mornings tend to be the best times to go due to local dogwalkers.

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December 10, 2006

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 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: faecolith ,  Cross Country Rider

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Recommended Route:
Start at the Park Hill Way BBQ area and roll downhill between the pines to the dyke north of the lake. Pedal east along this till you get to a sealed path and follow it ESE till a track in the trees appears on your right. Follow this track as it crosses back over sealed path and up to a field with currently no defined track. This is the pine needle hill. Spin or power up this along the treeline till it meets a gravel track at the top. Turn right onto gravel track and follow. Turn right onto first sealed track just before gravel track crosses road. Follow sealed road downhill till break in the trees. Peel off left onto grass and head to SINGLETRACK opening in trees on left. Follow singletrack east. When immediately south of bbq shelter singeltrack turns south and steep downhill. Negotiate downhill onto gravel track by side of creek. Turn left onto this gravel track and follow it east till the Church st car park and turn right onto sealed track. Follow outer circuit of park clockwise until immediately south of Magic Mountain mound (there is a wooden distance marker here). Roll down over grass to mound and do jumps. Find outer ring via George st bbq area and head uphill back to start.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)