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Red Hill summit to base

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okay this trail is for fast paced riders probably FS XC bikes or DH. it starts at the top of red hill near the lookout and ends up at the carpark next to mugga way on red hill. at the top it is a rocky, steep section of fire trail that can be taken at speed due to the size. you then reach the saddle of Red Hill proceed to veer left down a wide fire trail that has small jumps and other small obstacles. or you can turn left down a single track that has small steps at the bottom and a gate
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Trail Directions
find the red hill roundabout and take the road up for 100m and turn left and jump the gate and follow the fire trail for about 1.2k untill you reach the carpark to your right there should be a gate and a track going up to the saddle take it. when you are at the saddle to your right there is a steep hill take it and then turn around and come down. Red Hill Doesnt have the best trails in canberra but they are good enough when you dont want to travel out to majura or kowen.
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1.5k up 1.5k down Kilometers
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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