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Red Hill Base

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a xc trail for intermediate riders who can deal with long uphills and steep rises. mostly fire trail with a bit of single track. longest climb about 2km and after that speed is kept at max as you rip around the 1.5 incredibly fast downhill section. not for dh bikes due to steep climbs etc. good fun and if your bored you can ride to the summit and do one of the small DH courses around there. some council idiots have started to put gates at the bottom whatch out for two gates on the track. there is a small path around both of these.
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Trail Directions
go to the only roundabout at the bottom of RED HILL that leads to the only road. take that for 100 metres. there should be a gate on the left take the firetrail that goes on at the base of the mountain. follow the main fire trail veering right whenever possible. after a moderate climb you should hit a gate on the right take it again veering right always. this is the fast DH section with a few small jumps and enough momentum to throw you over the small rises. when you get to the saddle there will be a lot of tracks going in all directions. take the one to the left that leads to the road. 500m along the road there are two gates take the one on the right to finish the loop or explore the other trails
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10km Kilometers
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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