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Pearce's Mountain

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A cruisy descent on hardpack, little used with the occasional fallen tree to negotiate.

The trail eventually curves down and right, offering big views of Lake Burragorang.

The climb back out is also cruisy, just nice for training but not steep enough to impede.
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Trail Directions
From Sydney turn left at the top of Bodington Hill on to Kings Tableland Road.Continue past Bodington Hospital on dirt for about 20km. After Red Ridge (a nice ride on left) and Jensen's property, called High Valley, you will pass under big transmission lines. About a km after on the right there is a drive-in cave. If driving park here.

Another km along the dirt the entrance to the Pearce's Mountain trail is on the left. It isn't that easy to spot, so go slowly.The entrance is blocked to 4WDs by an area of fallen burned trees (post 2001 fire) but there is a singletrack on the left for about 100m then the main firetrail resumes.
Trail Length
5 kilometres
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Wentworth Falls
New South Wales

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