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there are heaps of trails there that are fairly techo. probably some of the hardest are near the top, at the big white and black aerial looking thing. theres one that's on the left hand side thas goes down fairly steep and has a big washed out area half way down. the theres another one where you have to turn around from the aerial thing and go down the little firetrail until you see a trail going of to the right through the grass. you'll know the one when you get on it because there is a really rocky berm on the first berm and then you go down the trail downa smaal ditch round another big berm the to another small one and over a small rock jump. then over a rock and then another berm then down the hill. that's probably the best one up there so ride that one it's well good!
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up a hill near fraser. it's the there.
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bout half a kilometre
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October 13, 2003

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Reviewed by: A-Dawg ,  Weekend Warrior

"heaps of trails"? I don't think half a kilometre equals heaps of trails unless you link it all the way to the murrumbidgee river!

Recommended Route:
use it as an alternative to cyclepaths on your way from kambah north.

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can anyone say Majura?

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)