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Mt. Nebo Rd. Fire Break

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Mainly an eroded fire break that has become single track in parts (because I think I'm the only guy that uses it to keep stuff from growing ;-) ) Watch out for fallen branches that hide out in the long grass that covers parts of the track (when coming down) Point to remember: LEARN IT! IT CAN TAKE YOU TO TRAILHEADS THAT CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE IN BRISBANE FOREST PARK W/OUT USING THAT DAMN TARMACK!!!
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Trail Directions
From the Brisbane Forest Park Headquarters driveway (Mt Nebo Rd.) you will find the beginning of a very rutted fire break that heads pretty much all the way up Mt. Nebo Rd. Due to the fact that it leads to SOOOOOO many other trails, you can use it as a way of climbing to other trails on Mt. Nebo (ie. Hell hole break w/out cheating and using the road :))))) It's also a total F'ING ripper to come down if you're heading down the mountain!!! (gets really steep in parts and is awesome at night)
Trail Length
About 16km up the side of the road (sometimes dissapears and then comes back)
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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