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Mt Gungin

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Single track, some sweet dh sections - not full on, you don't need a DH rig to do this, compromise its about a half climb half decsent kind of ride. Short fireroad links. Lots of rides in area. Hot in Summer, with more pea-gravel to contend with than in Winter.
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Trail Directions
From Kalamunda head east along Mundearing Weir rd, Past Orchard about 1km, (Good place to park if purchasing fruit. NOTE:thieves in the area pray on parked cars, hide everything; bring nothing), there is a looped carpark on RHS, Park here. Head in SW direction along single track. Hit T section RT (right turn) - short fire road. Then hit powerlines fireroad but head straight through as you cant miss the single track heading through the bush straight on. Follow single track until another section of powerlines fireroad appears the LT up the power lines, short climb. Once at the top head along for a short way until you see a brown wooden sign (fallen over on RHS). Head R in a SE direction along single track again, it heads up a bit of a climb, well most of it is a climb but it's even better decsending all the way back to the car. Finally hit fireroad after a rooted section on the last part of singletrack climb. RT up fireroad until you hit the top of Mt Gungin. At top on LHS a watertank marked C2 next to a wrecked car body marks the start of the Mt Gungin DH section, singletrack all the way down, few small log drops, rocky, rutted sections, switchbacks etc, bit of diversity, anyway takes a couple of mins to descend. Once at bottom fireroad LT along fireroad for a little bit (or you can continue dh on little ovens circuit straight ahead once at bottom of dh section), then LT up powerline track climb and descend twice, then on RHS through scrub, another sweet little single track DH section like the Mt Gungin one heads all the way down to Mundearing Weir Rd. Once at bottom climb all the way back up the DH section, so that you can retrace your steps back to the car on singletrack. NOTE: you'll probably want to do Mt Gungin dh a few times but it all links up through the up hill powerline climb then LT up first fireroad.
Trail Length
14 km or so - probably 10 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Kalamunda - Perth

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Review Date
September 28, 2001

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Yakka , from Perth, Western Australia

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Bibulmin Track- during week when no walkers are around to complain. Mundearing DH, Mundearing XC loop, Johnny Forrest Nat Park, Mundearing old XC race track at hills centre - next to navy/army aeroplane landing strip. Heaps of loops and trail links in area.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)