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Fun trail with rocks everywhere. Two chutes to choose from at the end of the trail. Left chute is the easiest out of the two, and if your looking for an adrenalin rush then do the one on the right.
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Go up the boardwalk at Pinera and look for a street (which is across the road), to your right, called Penno Parade. Go down that street and when you come to a fork in the road turn right. You'll then come to a roundabout and you turn left at that. Now you'll be riding along the school and turn down the first road on your right that you come to. You'll come to a 't' junction but DONT turn right, keep going straight ahead. At the second 't' junction turn right. You'll see a dirt track that goes down along the main road on your left. Follow that dirt track until your riding on the main road. You'll come around a corner and see Arial Road, stay on the main road - DONT turn onto Arial Road. Continue on until there is an old tennis court on your left. Cross over the road and lift your bike over the rail and go down the track that is top the left of some black and white bags. At the end of the track (the chutes) go out the gate onto the main road. Follow the road to the train station
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South Australia
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