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Linden Ridge

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Big fun singletrack, which gets more challenging (and overgrown) as you get into it.

Not as difficult as Kariwoga Ridge (also described here) but features some good technical sections, rock pinches, a gap to jump, logs and a fine lookout at the end.

It is a touch overgrown here and there, especially at the end which is frequented rarely because most people miss the last right turn and think they have finished about 10km early! For the last section you need to use a little care to identify the proper track to follow.

Eye protection is a must, long sleeves are highly recommended.

It is all marked as firetrail on the topographic map.
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Trail Directions
Take Glossop Road in Linden. From the locked gate by the observatory there is a kilometer or two of fun fast dipping asphalt, along the southern edge of Woodford Dam.At the pumping station this road becomes a firetrail, with another gate on the right. Set your trip computer here.After a couple of hundred metres there is a lookout on the left. At 2km the firetrail bends right and hidden next to a fallen tree is the Dawes Ridge singletrack entrance.

This goes over about a dozen anti-4WD humps and runs for 6km past Mt Twiss to a lookout. This in itself is a good ride.But there's more.From the Dawes Ridge entrance continue another 2.5 kilometres along the firetrail. Once again the firetrail bends right and on the left there is another hard-to-find singletrack entrance. This is Linden Ridge.Again there are anti-4WD mounds to ride, but these are monsters. Great fun. At 1km there is an intersection. Turn right to continue along Linden Ridge for about 10 kilometres of ST.
Trail Length
20 kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
New South Wales
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