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Koolabung Creek

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A small (5km) round track with dirt and boardwalks right in the centre of Port Macquarie (Pop.- est 50,000). The dirt track is in good condition, and very fun both ways. They boardwalk is as you would expect, smooth! Many wild animals such as lizards, birds, koala's, kangaroos and even some wombats call this home. Watch out for walkers.
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Trail Directions
From the Port Macquarie Information Centre, turn left and keep going until Horton St. Turn left into Horton St, and go through 3 round-a-bouts. At the 3rd round-a-bout, turn right, find a park to the left of the road. Get out your bike/s, and go down the grassy bank. Follow the signs to the trails there.
Trail Length
5 Kilometres
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Port Macquarie

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