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Kariwoga Ridge

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This singletrack offers some difficult and loose technical riding. It features some good obstacles including logs and fairly challenging rock steps. It is narrow and winding owing to growth, eye protection is a must and barends are a bad idea. For a person with good skills about 95% of it can be ridden, with basic skills only about half. After about 1km there is a wide rock area with a hole in the top. There's a cave inside, and views towards the Grose. The last 300m or so is so overgrown it's a walk, however there is a view straight up the river into the wilderness that makes the walk worth it.
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Trail Directions
Enter the Blue Mountains National Park on Grose Road, Faulconbridge.This is the fire trail to Faulconbridge point.The Kariwoga Ridge singletrack (shown as 4WD firetrail on the Katoomba topographic map but disused) starts 4.6km from the locked gate. Set your computer!The entrance is to the right roughly on a summit along the ridge. There are some rocks placed there, one has a vague arrow on it.If you reach the track marked with white paint that goes down to the Grose River you have gone 1km too far. If you reach the lookout at the end then you have gone 2km too far.
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