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hell hole break & black soil track

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follow the first track (hell hole break) all the way down, there is some cool fast stuff here,at the bottom is enoggera creek if you can make it across onthe bike your a better man than I..from here for about 1 and half K's its carry the bike up some evil hills (its name is very apt)..at teh top you come to a T intersection left is to the Gap reserve, right is to blacksoil track so go right about a K or so (approx) look for a trail on the right that switches back and goes up hill, (blacksoil track) go along this and some more fast downhill watch the soft black soil..washouts are easy..again cross enogra creek and climb the hill to the mnt nebo rd go out through the gate and go right for 4 ks back to mcafee lookout..sit down eat some sugary stuff and complain about how sore you are :).. this track is worth a look,few too many carry the bike uphill spots for my liking but spose u have to go up to go down.. requires reasonable fitness...takes around 4 hrs, going to explore this whole area,,so stay tuned
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Trail Directions
Head up towards mt Nebo on the mt nebo rd (Obviously) till you get to Mcafee lookout follow the track from the back of this and about 150 metres down it it switches back to a gate ( you can also go straight on but this takes u back to road) it starts at the gate
Trail Length
15 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads

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