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emerald downhill part 1

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its basically a practise course. only about 1 km long. starts with a drop, onto a steep hill. weave your way through some pine trees, down into some very fast corners. you cross a walking track at the bottom of this section so watch for walkers. you then enter a forest where the trail narrows, still fast though. after about 50 m, have a choice to either turn left, and go straight down the hill, which finishes with a slow crawl down an enbankment, or you can go right and join onto an excellent part of the cross country course. this tight single track has some burms, so you carry you speed, and pump through some excellent turns, still going down the side of the mountain. from here on, you basically follow this track to the end. where ever the cross country course climbs up hill, there is a section on the dh course that cuts it out, so if you find yourself going up hill, you've probrably missed a section. it finishes with a fast sprint down the hill on a tight single track/gutter (watch for walkers again) onto an open walking track. walk back up and do it again.
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from city, take the south eastern, exit at wellington rd, follow straight to the end, turn right and follow to emerald. once in emerald take a right at the second round'a'bout then turn left down a dirt road just before the puffing billy traing tracks. foillow to steel gate and park. if you follow the track on the other side of the gate, you will find a drop off on your left that shoots you straight down the first section of the course, so go back to nobelius train station (above the car par)and get a big run up.
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1 km
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