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Diemars Hill

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Totally crap. All abandoned crappy boring trails heaps of dead ends all overgrown lots of gay prickly plants plus an abandoned jump park with huge puddles infested with heaps of stupid mozzies they cover you instantly
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Trail Directions
Ride up Diemars Road up a big hill past the quarry and enter there or down the other side of the hill past the oyster farm.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Soldiers Point Port Stephens

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Review Date
April 28, 2002

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 1 of 5

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Reviewed by: Wazza , from Ch@ty

Ok me n my friend were on hols in port stevens jus bummin round and had the cravin 4 mtb ridin of wich there is krapp all in port stevens. i needed a new tyre neway so we rode bout 15ks to the only bike shop in the area - spoks spokes in salamander bay. after lookin in there we decided that that shop sukd. But we asked the ppl in there if there was ne decant mtb trails in the area. so they say oh yeh- deimars hill.. and gave us directions. gr8 singletrack they told us, but most ppl in the area dun ride mtbs, they ride road bikes. SO we set out 2 diemars hill. Bout 15ks from where we were stayin. We arrived and went down the fire trail. the trail were overgrown wif all this prickly shittt and it really suked. i dun rkn anyones ridden those trails 4 @ least a year. after hitting several gay dead ends and heaps of prikkly shiittttt, we came across this old jump park wif sum pretty monster puddles. THis was seriously planet mosquito, wif like 20 of u landing on u @ 1 time. So we phukked outta there pretty quick, back onto the road and back to thee beach. Deimers hill is some of the siiiiikkkkkkkessssst mountian bikin ive ever done. IF ur in port stephens and ur phukkin desperate for a ride chek it out. hell yeah 5/5!!! (theres no 0 flamin turds!!!!)

Recommended Route:
Well go out 2 soldiers point and get ur ass on2 deimers road. Go up the hill and u can enter from opposite the quarry or u can also enter down the hill.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)