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Clarence to Lithgow

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99% downhill on steep fire rds with big water bars, first 2 hills tends to be a bit loose and rocky. Go down 2 big hills and veer R at the top of small climb. Down again and across a flat section. Go L (up hill) at the fork. Near top of small hill go hard R at fork (roughish down hill). About 100m down go L and finish down extremely rough 4WD track. Comes out just behind Treatment plant in waterworks gully.
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Starts at the Zigzag railways veiwing area on the Lithgow side of the Clarence tunnel (On the Bells line of rd about 1km on the Lithgow side of Zigzag station. Go around the fence at the back of the car park and head up the old 4WD track. Turn L on to a fire rd just passed signed walking track. Takea R at the fork and L at the second powerline rd
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