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aldgate quarry

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SHIT!!!!!, there a bit of a double drop onto the fire trakwhich is good but dont try it if you aint good at drops and there is the phattest drop out the back, u can get to it from the bottom or take the 2nd right off the main track but be carefull, it looks like a cliff as u ride upto it but the vert bit is only bout 7foot and the land ing is steep and long into a mad rock whick makes it hard, only a few people have ever done it but once u get past the point where u shit youreself and slam the brakes on before u do it, its fine.
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going from sterling to aldgate its about 300 meters before the train bridge an the right. its a fat opening on the side of the road and if u miss it youre an idiot
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March 24, 2007

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 5 of 5

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 3 of 5

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 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: ewantupper ,  Downhiller

A great trails. Nothing around hills like it.
Drops, Jumps and Burms galore.
Mostly advanced trails and some meduim.
Worth traveling for.

Recommended Route:
go past the bottom entrance and turn left up the next road, and turn left again at the first turn off (jsut after meals on wheels) and follow road untill u see top entrance.
2 entrances up the top, the main is first and couple of metres down is the second.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
None really, Aldgate - Mylor (heyson trail),
near railway (jumps only)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)