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Twin Parks Country Club

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Rode the DH race at the Twin Parks Country Club this weekend. All I can say is that it was kick ass! Park, Shane and the rest did a great job of building a DH and 4x in the Texas Hill Country. The DH trail is not the most technical I have ever ridden. Did this stop me from coming in dead last? Nope. It was more of a DH Jump trail then a traditional DH, but that didn''t take away from it at all. They did a great job of building a trail that drains fast too, because it ran twice while I was there, and it rained hard. Talking to Park, there are plans to do a lot more out there. Once funds come around they are going to build some North Shore style elements, a Dual Slalom, and more free ride trails. Also, they have so much property out there that they are going to build in some XC stuff for you skinny type kids. The best part of this club is that you can camp there, eat there, play XBox there and if you''re feeling the urge, play some disc golf. It cost $10 a day to ride there, and either $5 or $10 to camp, and I know some people have "issues" with this idea. The price to ride is worth every penny. Professionally maintained DH and jump trails are either hard to find or non-exsistant, and that is what has been done at Twin Parks. This place is building, and building fast. If I lived in Austin I would gladly lay down $200 a year to have somewhere to train for DH, it might have helped my poor showing over the weekend. Soon they will have a pool table, two indoor rooms you can rent to sleep in, and landscaping. Get in now while its still cheap, this place can only get better.
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September 12, 2007

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Reviewed by: MCtigre ,  Weekend Warrior

I rode this a couple of years ago. This place is small for the trails but I has a 4 cross style mountain bike track and some other trails that have table tops and some doubles. I recently went back and I dont know what happened but the owners let this part of Twin Parks go. Most everything was unrideable. The trails were littered with cactus or fallen trees. The Downhill course was not maintained. I spent about 30 min there and left it was that bad. It is really sad that this has happened because I understand that this place hosted some races. Hopefully this place can get back to where it was about 2 years ago. It was realy short but really nice. The rest of the place is nice and if you like disc golf they promote this much more.
My 2 cents.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)